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Alive City Honolulu

With a population of only 380,000 this tropical metropolis accommodates over 8 million tourists every year resulting in a thriving tourist industry, supporting a broad spectrum of other sectors. Salaries in the city are the highest in the USA and the unemployment rate one of the lowest.

Amazing weather ensures every resident can enjoy the natural beauty that completely surrounds you. Volcanic mountains, blue ocean and unique wildlife creates a dreamlike environment. Its mid pacific location puts you in easy reach of both Japan and the US.

The city itself provides amenities equal to the island with a world-class bus system and excellent health care offering.

As part of the USA, Hawaii offers visas on a skilled shortage basis. These visas are being offered in several sectors and the island is especially in need of technology workers. Once work is found a visa can be issued.



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How does TeleportMyJob.com work?

TeleportMyJob.com helps you get the ball rolling

We have a network of Recruiters, HR Managers & Company Directors for each city.

Many of whom are specifically providing work overseas.

1 You complete a brief registration process to provide the key
information about you and your international career requirements.

2 We will then provide you with a list of all the Recruiters, HR
Managers & Company Directors that would be interested in you.

3 We then send your details electronically to all the Recruiters, HR
Managers & Company Directors.

4 If you feel you would like some professional advice on your
application, we can carry out a full review and make the necessary

5 If you are short of time, we can also chase your registration up
with the most suitable recruiters and provide their feedback to you.

6 With a solid application, a targeted approach and a thorough
follow up, you stand a great chance of securing job interviews and
obtaining a fantastic job offer.

7 The whole process can take up to 4-8 weeks, so get it started now
and have us work on it while you continue with your current job.

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How Does The Recruitment Process Work?

Once you have been short listed by a potential employer you will first have a telephone interview.

Depending on the seniority of the job that you have been selected for you will be flown over for a face-to-face interview.

This will also be your opportunity to research your new city in more detail.

If you successfully pass the interview(s) you will be offered the job.

You then can start salary package negotiations.

Usually, if an employer is relocating you, they will pay for:

  • Flights to the new city.

  • Some part or all of your accommodation costs.

  • Or your hotel costs while you search for accommodation.

  • Your visa.

  • Your dependants’ visas.

  • In some cases a commuting allowance is paid.

  • Medical insurance.


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