About CV/Resume Writing

About CV/Resume Writing

Our Service specializes in helping professionals relocate their careers to some of the fastest growing and most exciting cities in the world.

Through our network of Employment Agencies, HR Managers and Company Directors we put you in touch with the people recruiting in these great cities.

Many companies in these cities find it difficult to find the individuals that they need to grow their companies. By turning to the increasing group of professionals that are looking for international placements, these fast growing companies can source the talent, expertise and experience that is often in short supply in their local work force. connects international candidates to companies in need of their qualifications and experience through its network of recruiters and direct employers in each city.

With our recruiters looking for all levels of experience, from a wide range of sectors, is your first step to your new city.

The Company

Specializing in online job hunting & recruitment solutions, has helped 1,000s of jobseekers find work across the Globe, by combining technology with the human touch of real advisors, supporting individuals throughout their job hunt.

The company employs over 140 people in Hong Kong and Mumbai, providing CV/Resume writing, job advertising and CV/Resume database services.

For any further information please use our support pages or contact us on the numbers on the right.

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