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Citizens of the EEA and Switzerland do not need permission to work in the UK.

Pre-requisites for EU Members:

• Workers from new EU member states (Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia,    Hungary and the Czech Republic) must register with the Home Office as soon as they find    work.


Separate arrangements are in place for nationals of Bulgaria and Romania:

•  Graduates from United Kingdom University.
•  Pass a points-based assessment to be eligible to apply.
•  Job offer from a UK-based employer who is prepared to sponsor you.

Short Term Assignments:

•  National of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, are free to enter and stay in     the United Kingdom.
•  National of a state that recently joined the EU may have to register or apply for permission
    before starting off with work.
• Other work-based categories include clinical attachments and dental observer posts,     domestic workers, entertainers, film crew on location, overseas qualified doctors taking the     PLAB test, postgraduate doctors, dentists, and sole representatives of overseas firms.

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